Why We Should Pray in the Spirit

This file gives a list of reasons why praying in the Spirit is necessary, and each reason is provided with Scriptural support.

Notes Adapted from Charles Finney

Charles Finney had led one of the largest Revivals of the 1800's - his preaching was direct and exposed all sin. Have you ever wondered why some prayers go unanswered - you may find your answer right here.

Pray in this Way

Some people think it is very easy to pray; but, actually it isn't. This article explains about a number of different methods that help making prayer easier.

Prayer Guidelines

Read the notes to a sermon on prayer given by David Cho - pastor of the world's largest Pentecostal church.

Prevailing Prayer

Charles Finney preaches: "Prevailing prayer is that which secures an answer. Saying prayers is not offering prevailing prayer. The prevalence of prayer does not depend so much on quantity as on quality. I do not know how better to approach this subject than by relating a fact of my own experience before I was converted."

Seven Laws of Prayer

In nature, everything works according to set laws. It is the same in the spiritual realm: God acts according to laws. So often we get discouraged and believe that prayer is useless when our prayers do not get answered. However, the actual reason is that we have not fulfilled God's laws which are a condition for prayer.

Fasting and Prayer - the Atomic Power of God

Do you need to conquer a secret sin? Do you want to get closer to God? Fasting and prayer is often the answer. This sheet gives many testimonies of how God has moved in answer to those who have sought after Him by fasting and prayer. There is also good practical advice on how you should look after your body during a fast.

Praying in Tongues

Read stunning testimonies of people understanding other people praying in tongues!

Thy Name Is to Be Praised

We have been reciting this form of prayer ritualistically for a long time. But Jesus Christ really meant that we should just follow this prayer pattern. Read how we can learn to pray effectively through the pattern of the Lord's Prayer.

Prayer Power

The story of how unified, faithful prayer brought revival to the nation of Korea.

Some Thoughts on Prayer

When George Mueller arrived at the twilight of his life, he estimated that God had answered over fifty thousand of his prayers, many thousands of which were answered on the day he made them and often before he rose from his knees. Some of his petitions, however, lingered across decades. Here is a sample of such asking...

George Müller

When George Müller obeyed God's command to start a work in Bristol among the orphans, he only had 2 shillings in his pocket. He made it a principle not to let anybody know of his financial needs, but to commit them to God in prayer. Read here about how his life became a testimony to all that God does indeed answer prayer ...

Hallowed Be Thy Name

The purpose of this article is to look at the great Names of God, and to apply them during our times of prayer.

Release in Praise

“David was so convinced of the power of praise that he had no less than 4,000 people employed to do it.” This article discusses the importance of praise, and looks at what the Bible says about when, where, why and how we should praise God.

Forms of Prayer: Sunday Evening

“General questions which a serious Christian may propose to himself before he begins his evening devotions.”

The Message at Midnight

For those who cannot rise early to pray, stay up after midnight and pray earlier!