Jesus Christ


Though He Was Crucified

Did you ever think about what it meant that Jesus dies for our sins? He died the most dreadful death man could imagine - crucifixion. Ponder this information deeply and understand what Jesus went through to take away our every sin and sickness!

The Perfect Plan of Redemption

There is no plan greater than the plan of our salvation. God knew that the people He created would sin and that is why He made it possible for them to be saved by the sacrifice of His son. The redeemer came "when the time was fulfilled". He was an unknown man from Nazareth, but He fulfilled the description that the prophet Isaiah had given 550 years before.

The Cleansing Power of the Blood

Learn about the significance of the Lord's blood cleansing us from sin through parallels in biology.

Prophecies Concerning Jesus and Their Fulfilment

Hundreds of Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled in Jesus' life. Here are some of them to show that Jesus indeed was the Messiah.

The Incomparable Christ

Have you ever thought about how incomparable Jesus Christ is? Find out...


This article is a Biblical discussion on the importance of the firstborn son in history, and the importance of Jesus Christ, as the firstborn of the church.