God in History

"Moma" Kwang

This is the amazing story of a woman in China who was the leader of an assembly of more than seven hundred thousand believers, and the price she and her family paid for following God.

Marine in Flames

The amazing testimony of how God miraculously saved the life of Ken Cantrell, when he was trapped in a burning room, following an explosion on board the ship he was stationed on.


The exciting biography of William Tyndale, a man who was used by God to translate the Bible into the English language.

The Deliverance of Old Jerusalem

The story of the deliverance of Jerusalem, which has been described as "the most amazing event of our times", was an awe-inspiring fulfilment of Scriptural prophecy that should have awakened the Church to the imminence of the Second Coming of our Lord. The narrative may also be found useful by those who would WAKE UP their neighbours to the significance of the Age in which we are living...

The Glorious Revolution

The abuse of royal rights by the Roman Catholic King James II, led to William of Orange being invited by the Church of England to come to England to restore national liberty and protect the Protestant faith. The revolution was one of the most important events in British history for it secured the Protestant throne (of the Lord) and constitution.

Heritage: A Huguenot Tercentenary

Three hundred years ago the Huguenot-Israelites left a war-torn France to settle in other countries among which was South Africa. The contribution to South Africa's history by these valiant people was gratefully celebrated in that country in 1988...

George Washington Carver

The story off one of America's great scientists and how God helped him find the answers he needed.

Thomas Paine - American Patriot?

This article examines the life and writings of Thomas Paine and his attempts to bring a ‘New World Order’ to America, Britain and France.

The 11th of the 11th - Remembrance Day

On November 11th, 1918 at 11 o'clock in the morning, the end of the First World War took place. It was no coincidence that the war ended exactly at that “eleventh hour”, as the planning was not orchestrated by any man: “He maketh wars to cease unto the end of the earth…” (PSALM 46:9). This article reveals the prophetic timing of God in this event, and how it was a clear sign that we are approaching the “midnight hour” when Christ will return...

On the Sinking of the Titanic

Only 705 of the 2228 passengers of the Titanic survived. How would you react in a similar catastrophe? Would you cling to God? Read the testimonies of two survivors who were supernaturally saved.

The Other Ireland

The following is a thorough discussion on the reasons why it is important for Northern Ireland to remain a part of Britain, rather than uniting with the Republic of Ireland.What the Bible Says about…

The Singing Martyr from Latvia

The story of Pastor Schweitzer, a Lutheran minister sent to a concentration camp in Russia known as “the prison without a hope on Earth”.

Who Is Lord over Our Cities?

“In order to obtain an overview of the spiritual state of our cities, we must know about their past. We have to look at the question of who is guilty, and at the hidden and invisible power forces behind them.”

Was the Protestant Reformation a Failure?

To the Reformation we owe our political liberties, our religious liberties and our world progress of the present day, but did the Reformation attain the objects for which our forefathers rose up in protest to the Roman Church?

Divine Intervention

“As the result of this day of prayer, formally led by King George V… being joined by praying people throughout the whole of the British Empire, something happened on the battlefield which can only be explained by one who has read the Old Testament…”

A Visit in York

Some of the amazing details of the life of Smith Wigglesworth, based on letters and personal testimony.

The Israelite Exodus

“There has been much speculation concerning the timing of the ‘Exodus’ of the Hebrews from Egypt into the wilderness. When this great liberating event took place it was preceded by a number of smaller, but no less significant episodes…”

Terrorists Storm Church:

“The 60 believers in the small Protestant church near Darkley, Northern Ireland, had just begun the first chorus of their evening worship when machine-gun-fire was suddenly heard ripping through the building…”

Colonising the USA

It was believers who opened up the “New World” rather than businessmen, or non-believers.

Message from His Majesty King George VI.

Read this message given by His Majesty King George VI to all British forces during World War II.

Importance of God's Law

Suppose a nation would take the Bible as their only book of law. John Adams, second President of the United States, dreamt that this would happen.

A Tale of Two Graves

The way in which societies honour their great men is a reflection of their state. This article shows us how Britain honours the graves of Charles Darwin and John Knox.

How Spurgeon Found Christ

The story of how Charles Spurgeon learned to have faith in Jesus Christ and left the misery of religion behind.

Ex-"Angel" on Mission from God

Read the story of Wayne Thomas, an ex-president of the “Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club” who became a Christian and a pastor through the miracles he experienced.


The study of the reasons for failure and mistakes is almost invariably the stepping-stone to ultimate victory and success. This article examines the Montanist movement as to why it fell into dangerous delusions and heresy and what we can learn from their mistakes.

The Huguenots, Waldenses, and Catharians

A brief historical study of the Huguenots, Waldenses, and Catharians, including their beliefs and their persecution by the Church of Rome.

7 Propositions...

7 propositions of Luther that will surprise you.

Australia's History

“Australia is now at the cross-roads of history – but she cannot escape her destiny.” Find out more about God's purpose for this nation of Israelite heritage.

Queen Victoria

“…nothing would give me more joy than to pass on the crown of Great Britain and India to Him (Jesus Christ) with my own hands.”

So Shall The Lord of Hosts Defend

The Lord turns half a dozen planes into hundreds, in the Battle of Britain.


A photograph of the stone mansion where Bible school students received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in 1901. This was an important event in Pentecostal history in North America.

Photograph: Gee, Pethrus, Carter

A picture from some of the first leaders of the Pentecostal Movement.

Photo: Founding Members of the Assemblies of God

A photo of the gathering at Hot Springs, Arkansas, in 1914 when the General Council of the Assemblies of God was established.

Looking Back at Trudeau

Newspaper article looking back at Trudeau...

George Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation

Proof how the founding fathers of the United States gave glory to God.

John Wesley's Instructions for Singing 1761

It’s hard to imagine hymns as something new, daring, or even subversive. But in the eighteenth century they were not only a novelty, they also shocked the establishment.