A Christian Walk



HEBREWS 10:32-34

A Virtuous Woman

Find out what the thirty-one characteristics of a virtuous woman are...

The Nine-Fold Fruit of the Holy Spirit

A detailed study of the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit as detailed in GALATIANS 5:22-23

The Power of Consecration to Principle

Successful Christian life rests on three essentials: First: A knowledge of the teaching of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, whose words are the final authority, the bar where every question must be brought for final decision. The words of every other must be measured, and their value determined, by the statements of Jesus Christ. “In him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily” (COLOSSIANS 2:9).

On Obedience to Pastors

Exceedingly few Christians have any clear conception of this important doctrine....

Building the House of God

When we do consider one another and come together in love, this is what happens – the Spirit of God builds us up together into a spiritual house, lively stones fitted and cemented onto Jesus Himself.

The Person God uses

I was talking with a Christian storekeeper a while ago who said "People are crying for God to use them, but He can't. They're not yielded to Him, they're not humble, or teachable or holy. There are plenty of people, who come to me and want to work in my store, but I can't use them -they're not fit for my work. When I need someone, I advertise and sometimes spend days trying to find the man I need, and then I test him to know whether he'll suit me or not."

Pearls from the Writings of Ivan Panin

These pearls are taken from “The writings of Ivan Panin” and contain a lot of wisdom for the Christian walk.

A New Year's Test For Self-Examination

These are questions from the “Holy Club” of Oxford in John Wesley’s days 200 years ago, but just as relevant for us today. The members of the Holy Club asked themselves these questions each day in their private devotion.

Christ in You, The Hope of Glory (Part 1)

The basics for every newborn Christian! Here's the "milk" that you will need to grow in grace, telling you how to study the Bible, how to pray, the meaning of being Spirit-filled, etc.

Christ in You, The Hope of Glory (Part 2)

Continuing from ‘Christ in You Part 1’, these Bible studies show how important it is for all Christians to be reading and putting into practice the Word of God. The Bible says we need to “die to ourselves”, by examining our fleshy human nature in the light of Scripture, so that we can clearly see which thoughts and attitudes must be put away. One practical way of overcoming the fleshly nature is by fasting as shown here.

Christ in You, The Hope of Glory (Part 3)

A fantastic collection of scriptures showing our identity in Christ as Spirit-filled Christians.

Christ In You, The Hope of Glory (Part 4)

The biblical foundation of faith, justification, repentance, baptism and much more - important scriptures for the understanding of "Christ In You - the Hope of Glory".

Never Let There Be a Chink in Your Armour

Learn how to correctly wear the "armour of God" and to withstand the fiery darts of doubt - including the twelve-point "Never Again" list.

A Happy Christian / An Unhappy Christian

Why do some Christians have the "joy of the Lord" and go from faith to faith, while others seem to never progress in their Christian walks. This sheet shows some of the basic principles for all Christians to walk with the Lord on a daily basis.

Letter to a Sabbath-Keeper

Dear Sabbath-keeping friend, As you are not in agreement with our views on the Sabbath, I’d like to give some clarifications and explanations on why we keep the Sunday as the day of rest – and not the Saturday.

A Quote from George Müller

George Mueller was a man with amazing faith in God. He ran a number of orphanages and trusted God to supply him and the children with everything they needed. He wrote this quote about the day when he absolutely surrendered his life to God.


The only really important question regarding future punishment is, What does the Bible teach? Human speculations on such a subject as this have no real value whatever. All we know about it is what God has been pleased to reveal.

How to Deal with Mistakes

There is never to be disunity in the church and you are never to slander another person. The Bible gives clear instructions on how you should speak to each other to sort out any differences or offences. Don't let Satan get a foothold in your life.

The Victorious Life in Jesus Christ

Psalm 78 shows the strength and wonderful works of God on the one hand and the miserable failures of the Old Testament Church on the other (Israel were God's people of the Old Testament). As we are His church of the New Testament, we too can learn many useful lessons from this. There are therefore several points here which are of particular significance even for us, the church of the New Testament of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Are Christians Under the Law of the Old Testament?

The Bible warns against both lawlessness and legalism. Some people focus on the scriptures stating that “the law is abolished”. Others emphasise Christ's warning that He did not come to "destroy the law". What is the law’s lawful use in the life of a Christian? More specifically, are Christians ‘under the law’ in that obedience to the Old Testament laws is required for salvation? Which use of the law pleases God?

Strategy of the Devil

In Genesis 3 we read the account of the first temptation of Adam and Eve by Satan. The strategy of the devil was successful and led to our first parents' disregard of God's Word to them and their rebellion against God Himself. Today satan continues to use the same tactics. These tactics are:

Bible Study: Blind Faith?

The Bible does not ask for ‘blind faith’. It promotes informed belief. Study these Scriptures to see how the Bible prompts us to use evidence to support our faith.

Training to Win

Christians are running in a race to obtain the crown of glory. How should we train to win this race?


Stewardship is a neglected subject that is essential to Christian growth and maturity. The time has come for us all as Christians to see that TRUE HAPPINESS and TRUE JOY can only be known by KNOWING AND OBEYING GOD'S WORD. Knowing God's Word opens up a world of responsibility to us.

Man's One Great Responsibility

What is the main thing we have to make sure of during our short lives here on earth?

Who Will You Deny? Yourself or the Lord?

Unless we deny ourselves, it will be impossible not to deny the Lord. This article written by John Wesley in the 1700’s is just as applicable to us today.

The Tongue Can Cause Great Damage

A woman once told a really nasty and slanderous story about her previous pastor. Later, she regretted doing this, but didn’t know how she could right her wrong.

How to Win in Spiritual Warfare

Satan is seeking to steal, kill and destroy, but God has given us the victory. This article explains how we can learn to win the victory which God has provided for us, through obedience to His Word and the power of His Spirit.

To All Those Who May Fall into Condemnation

Scriptures to overcome self-condemnation for those who sincerely want to follow the Lord.

In a World of Lies - Dare to Tell the Truth

God's Word clearly teaches that lying is wrong, yet statistics show that church attendees in America lie just as often as those who do not attend church. This article shows what God says about speaking “falsehood”, and reveals the consequences for people who do not speak the truth.

How the Spirit of God Leads All Those Who Trust Him

Answers from God's Word as to how the Holy Spirit leads and guides us in our lives if we trust in God.

The Improvements of Gifts

William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army, calls upon us to find out where our special capacities lie and to use them for God.

Binding Satan

Pastor Cho, of the Yoido Full Gospel church in Korea, shares many personal experiences showing the power of prayer over Satan and his demons.

Personal Evangelism

This article is FULL of practical and spiritual tips on seeking and saving the lost.

Seeing Behind Trials

(Note: In order to understand this talk properly, it is important that you turn to the scriptures mentioned and find out exactly what they say).

A New Creation

“Many new Christians… fall away from God because of their failure to understand their new position in Christ Jesus. Did you know [that] you have now become… heir to all the exceeding great promises of God?”

The Life of a Soldier is Never Easy

There are many similarities between serving in the Lord's Army and the normal army. The reason being that there is no room for weakness in either.

Scriptural Christianity - John Wesley

Some comments from John Wesley on the gifts and the infilling of the Holy Spirit, and from Catherine Booth on speaking in other tongues.

Redeeming the Time

Why does the Bible instruct us not only to “use” our time, but to “redeem” our time?

Evangelist Spoke on Story of Jonah

Using the experiences of Jonah, Rev. Dr. C. S. Price preached a sermon at the Metropolitan Church last night that brought many young people to the altar. “It is the greatest service of my whole campaign of this city,” said the evangelist, as some seventy young people appeared at the altar of penitence.


Everybody needs a true friend. Someone who will stand by them at all times - support them in times of need and give them a kick when necessary. This sheet describes the characteristics of a true friend - something we all should be!

'Accusers' - Speaking Wrongly About Others

One of Satan's main methods to destroy the work of a church is through disunity. Often this disunity can come through slander among brethren. This article shows from the Scripture that we must not become servants of Satan with our tongues. It also shows how we should deal with situations where there are disagreements between brethren in the assembly.

The Pastor's Wife as a Helpmeet

Eve was created to be the helpmeet for Adam (GENESIS 2:18). This was the purpose for the creation of woman. This is the privilege God gives to every wife. Find out more about the role of a pastor’s wife.

The Golden Rule

Jesus said, "Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets." (Matthew 7:12). This article goes beyond the nice-sounding words of the Golden Rule and looks at what it means in daily living.

A Message...

When God's prophet Nathan confronted David for his sins and exposed them to the world, he made this statement: "Because by this deed thou hast given great occasion to the enemies of the Lord to blaspheme..." How many thousands throughout the world have had their faith shattered by scandal in the church?

Broken Fellowship

This file explains the attitude we should have towards people who have left the fellowship or were asked to leave the fellowship and also explains spiritual reasons for people leaving an assembly.

The Oversight

An in-depth Scriptural study on the role of an Overseer in the body of Christ.

The Name of Jesus

A Scriptural study, by E.W. Kenyon, on how Jesus Christ has given the church the authority to use His Name.

Release in Evangelism

“The repercussions of our infilling with the Holy Sprit are not to be felt just inside the church, but also outside in God’s world. Jesus did not say to His disciples, ‘Ye are the salt of the assembly’, but ‘Ye are the light of the world …’ (MATTHEW 5:14)”

The Concept of Teamwork

“It’s worth talking about the concept of teamwork, as it is a New Testament principle which provides a key to successful world evangelization.”

A Word to a Sabbath-Breaker

‘Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy’ (EXODUS 20:8). Have you forgotten who spoke these words? Or do you set Him at defiance?” A challenge from John Wesley to obey the commandment regarding the keeping of the Sabbath!

Spiritually Blinkered

“John Wesley once wrote: ‘The thing that scared me most and which I most wished to prevent, at any cost, was group-orientated belief; an inner stiffness, in other words, to be spiritually closed up…’”

The Bride of Jesus

The Church is meant to be the Bride of Jesus Christ. Using an example from the Old Testament, this article shows how, just as Eliezer, Abraham's servant, led Rebecca to Isaac, so the Holy Spirit is sent to lead people to Christ.

Only a Thought

The Bible says, "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he..." (PROVERBS 23:7). This article looks at the power that thoughts have over actions…

Caleb's Faith and Patience Rewarded

Many a person has failed in life because they gave up too soon! The story of Caleb records that for forty years he waited for a promised reward.

Are You Dissatisfied as a Christian?

Have you ever complained to God about your situation? This is the powerful testimony of a woman who lost “everything”, and yet had great joy and was powerfully used by God.

The Flood

"Millions of tons of water came flooding down from the mountains, destroying houses, ripping out trees, smashing people around and taking them to a watery death... It happened in the quiet town of Johnstown in Pennsylvania. The dam at Conemaugh Sea in the mountains burst on the 31st May, 1889..." This article shows how our thoughts and desires can be like this flood of death and destruction.

True Christian Character not Grown Overnight

Under the cleaning and softening process of salvation he has seen men of baser clay and hearts like rock weep their way to Jesus

Times When God Is Hiding

We experience ups and downs in our lives as the psalmist did and at times it seems God is far away. This article examines examples from history and from the Bible of Christians who learned to walk by faith and not by sight.

The Way of an Eagle in the Air

In PROVERBS 30:18-19 we read, “There be three things which are too wonderful for me, yea, four which I know not: The way of an eagle in the air, the way of a serpent upon a rock, the way of a ship in the midst of the sea, and the way of a man with a maid.” Find out why these four things are wonderful to understand.

I Will Fear No Evil

Advice from Pastor David Wilkerson on how to handle fear...

The Crucified Life - Or the Resurrected Life

For years I struggled to comprehend the "crucified life". After a year of search and desperate prayer, God showed me this:

Fleecing God

At an earlier stage of my ministry I was always "fleecing" God. Like Gideon, I wanted to feel the wet fleece. My faith was propped up by "evidences" and "happenings" but had to learn that this is an imperfect way.

Tests Before Trials

God allows lesser tests to prepare us for greater trials. The question is asked: "If you cannot fight successfully men on foot, in a safe environment, how can you expect to battle successfully with fierce warriors on horses, on the dangerous banks of the swelling Jordan?"

The Faith of Giants

Men of great faith faced the most fiery trials. Do not be led to think that afflictions are necessarily proof you are displeasing Him! So if you desire to be a child of faith - then ready yourself for a life of most peculiar testings.

Extracts from Nehemiah

A Bible study on Nehemiah chapter 6. Many lessons from the building of the wall at Jerusalem can be applied to our Christian walks today.

A Nickel for the Lord

Yesterday he wore a rose on the lapel of his coat, but when the plate was passed today he gave a nickel to the Lord.... John G Lake teaches about giving to God.

1,050 New Testament Commands

Many people only know the 10 commandments, but there are actually 1,050 commandments in the New Testament for Christians! Study this file to learn what God’s commandments are and how we can obey.

New Testament Promises

Did you know that there are 750 promises in the New Testament alone? This article contains a list of the promises that God has made, and the scripture references where they can be found. Let’s believe the Lord’s promises!

Notes from Smith Wigglesworth

An insightful commentary by Smith Wigglesworth on different portions of the Word of God.

Trust in the Blood

There is awesome power in the Blood of Jesus Christ. The Blood of Jesus that was shed at Calvary redeemed us and purchased us and made us His own possessions. What are the benefits of faith in the Blood of Jesus?


" ...There is no leader in God's Word like Nehemiah, in whom these principles of prayer, perseverance and general organisation are so easy to recognise. His effectiveness is already clearly expressed in the fast execution of his work. The following explanations present his important organisation and leadership principles which we can personally learn from."

Qualifications for Leadership

What does the Bible say about being a leader?

Pearls (Notes Taken from the Back of Our Senior Pastor's Bible)

These pearls have been taken from the back of our Senior Pastor's Bible, and date from 1971. The "Pearls" are insights into Scriptures, which have been gathered by the Pastor over the years he has been saved.

Proverbs from the Bible Study

Short proverbs that reveal many truths about the Christian life.

May I Share ...?

Excellent quotes on humility, adversity, habits, and other interesting topics.

That You May Prosper

The Bible clearly teaches about tithing - giving God a tenth of one's income. This article provides a biblical explanation of why God requires tithing.

Throwing Light on Lying Spirits

Lies are like weeds in a garden which grow amidst the legitimate plants, stealing resources and choking out good growth. Like a gardener, we must learn to discern lies quickly and root them out as soon as they are spotted…

Wesley's Rules for Assistants

Which conduct was expected of a minister in the Methodist Revival under John Wesley, as specified in 1744?

Manners & Etiquette

Where have good manners gone? Where It seems that many people these days have forgotten, or have never been taught about proper etiquette and consideration for others in everyday situations. Whether at home or in public, adults or children, we could all learn from this reminder of some basic principles and their Biblical basis.

God's Ways With Us

The importance of humility in a Christian walk.

If Jesus Came to Your House

What would you do if Jesus came to your house?

If Jesus came to your house to spend a day or two,
If He came unexpectedly, I wonder what you'd do?
Oh, I know you'd give your nicest room to such an honoured Guest,
And all the food you'd serve Him would be the very best -
And you would keep assuring Him you're glad to have Him there!
That, serving Him in your home is a joy beyond compare!

Humility and Holiness

We hear a great deal about holiness. Yet, the big test as, to whether this holiness we profess to seek and attain is truth and life is, whether it produces an increasing humility in us.

Time Is Money

This article discusses the importance of time discipline in the life of a Christian. God uses those who are well organised!

The Leaven of the Pharisees

This article is a warning for Christians today to “beware of the leaven of the Pharisees”, and shows that Phariseeism is still thriving in Judaism today.

Quality Friendship - The Risks and Rewards

We noticed in the very first chapter that in JOHN 15:13, the Lord Jesus connects friendship and love: "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." The Lord is clearly indicating that quality friendship is built upon a very special quality of love, the love that He modelled by His death upon the cross and that is the theme of 1 CORINTHIANS 13. Our goal will be to study Paul's great hymn of love so that we can understand more clearly the unique nature of biblical friendship.

Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom, Love

Twelve years ago, as the work began here in Europe, all the "oldies" (those first saved), were warned that after ca. 10 years they would be "sifted out" as Satan would destroy those who had simply gained "knowledge" over the years and failed in 3 other life-giving necessities to walk in Christ. Those altogether are = KNOWLEDGE; UNDERSTANDING; WISDOM AND LOVE!!!

How to Conquer Secret Sin

Are you struggling with a besetting sin? Find some good answers on how to overcome every problem.


Both the Lord's Name and Gideon's name rang over the battlefields that night! No church, no missions program, no organization can function successfully unless every worker is willing to come under both banners - the Lord's and the leader's!